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Welcome to HiHi, the UK’s premier video-enabled business phone. HiHi is an innovative product with a high definition touchscreen display which is simple and intuitive to navigate.

As one of a select few resellers, we're able to offer video support to all of customers on HiHi, making us one of the first in the UK telecoms industry to be able to offer this service.

Unleash the power of the UK’s best video-enabled business phone and book your HiHi appointment today!

Next Generation Voicemail Easily scroll through your messages with HiHi

You might think that you’ve seen everything that voicemail has to offer, but as with so many part of business communication, HiHi has taken the simple concept of Voicemail and made it more useful.

You might think that you’ve seen everything that voicemail has to offer, but as with so many part of business communication, HiHi has taken the simple concept of Voicemail and made it more useful.

Call Recording Capture every detail

Your company is packed full of potentially business-improving data; the key question is, how do you get to it? Call recording gives you a great way of finding out what is being said on every call in or out of your business.

This will allow you to greatly improve customer service by reviewing your employees’ calls and also improve their sales technique by training them further on how to deal with any difficult questions a potential client might ask.

Call recording will also help you to confirm orders to ensure you get the order right, first time. Find out more on our Call Recording page.

Call Reporting Capitalise on every call

We know what you’re thinking, who cares about a report? But what if that report showed you the incoming calls you missed whilst your business was closed overnight, giving you a chance to return the call and capitalise on the business?

That’s just one of the things Call Reporting gives you.

You can also better understand your call flow, allowing you to solve any service bottlenecks that might inadvertently exist in your company, or put on-hold marketing in place to psychologically reduce waiting times. Find out more about Call Reporting

System Maintenance Experience our great, UK based support

One of the most frustrating things in business is trying to ask for support only to be passed around to various people, none of whom can help you. That’s why we take care of all of our support in house.

We have a dedicated team of specialists at our Headquarters, and they’re complemented by a nationwide team of engineers. These engineers are field-based, making it easier for them to reach you, faster. Find out more about our system maintenance.

Incredibly intuitive to use.

A quick & simple to use interface

Phone book integration with mobile phones and exchange

Easy setup speed dial and favourites

Easy to use video calling and mobile application

Connect faster with Direct Transfer

Real-time user presence

Video calling on the go with HiHi Connect

HiHi allows you to see more of what is really being said, thanks to face–to–face communication. Even if someone in your team is out of the office, you can still hold a video call with them, thanks to our mobile application. We're also amongst the first in the UK to offer video support to all of our customers, enabling us to provide you with a more in–depth support service.

  • Video support for all HiHi customers
  • Video calling on–the–go with our Mobile apps
  • Use your mobile as an extension of your office system

Intuitive interface built with usability in mind

We're delighted to be one of a select few HiHi resellers; a phone that has been developed with an emphasis on usability. HiHi has improved on traditional applications like voicemail whilst making finding contacts as simple as it is on your mobile. You can also customise your home screen and place your favourite contacts in an easily-accessible place.

  • Customisable home screen
  • Range of Apps included as standard
  • Exceptionally intuitive interface

See what our customers have to say

Cotter & Co Northampton Ltd
Cotter & Co Northampton Ltd
11:14 22 Jun 18
Thank you to Ripple Comms for sending us Rich Smith to install our new phone system which we are very much enjoying , The installation was straight forward and disruption was kept to an minimum.After the installation Rich gave us step by step instructions on how to get the best from the system .We experienced a few glitches with the system that he swiftly remedied . Thanks Rich I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ripple to my business associates Susan BaileyDirectorFor and on behalf of Cotter & Co (Npton) Ltdread more
Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson
12:45 29 Jun 18
David Perry attended site to install our new phone , excellent service and talk how to use the new system ...thanks David
YUMYUM Creative
YUMYUM Creative
14:07 25 Jun 18
Very Impressed so far with the service and HiHi product - Our engineer Tom Perkins was awesome!Ricky
Steve Harris
Steve Harris
14:39 28 Jun 18
Great Engineer (David Perry) , Great service
BCC Car Hire
BCC Car Hire
15:30 18 Jul 18
Harrison came along to install our HIHI system. Very very impressed with the way he installed our equipment and set all our computers to be able to network which we couldn't do previously. Can only say thankyou very much Harrison. Very much appreciated.read more
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Benefit your business. With no upfront cost.

You’ll receive a fantastic new telephone system for your business, including all your calls, lines and mobiles but without having to pay anything up front. What’s more, we’ll be supporting you from the UK.

All your phone system needs, in one place

When you move your telecoms over to us, you’ll have the peace of mind from knowing it’s all safe with one, highly experienced, supplier.

  • Calls
  • Lines
  • Mobile
  • Broadband
  • maintenance

We fund your new office phone system...

Through the savings we make you.

80% of phone system issues reported are resolved

by our maintenance team at our HQ on the same day.

If there is something more serious that requires an engineer to visit your premises, we have engineers all over the UK, meaning we can visit you quicker than others in the telecom industry.

Support portal
80% of phone system issues reported are resolved by our maintenance team at our HQ on the same day.

See what our customers are saying.

We're proud of the impact we have on our customers. See how we helped the companies below by providing them with a new business phone system.

BlueSky Creative Marketing

"We decided to upgrade our telephone system and having spoken to a few companies, you were the one that understood what we wanted and needed from our system. Everything you offer has been faultless and far better than anything else we’ve come across."

BlueSky Creative Marketing

Steve Brown, Managing Director

Two Counties Cleaning Ltd

"As our company expanded, we realised our communication needed to improve and expand with it. I was blown away with your system and everything it can do. It’s simple things like integrating with your computer system, seeing live statistics and having voicemail delivered to your e-mails which all make a big difference."

Two Counties Cleaning Services

Trevor Jackson, Managing Director

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