Business Broadband

One of the most important parts of modern business life is your broadband connection. On this page you can find out more about our broadband service alongside some of the other connectivity solutions we provide.

Business Broadband

Reliable, high speed broadband

We provide the kinds of high speed, reliable broadband that you would expect from a company of our size. We’ll provide you with either a highly-reliable copper connection or, if fibre has been installed in your area, a high-speed fibre connection. We will also provide you with a high specification wireless router, which will help to make sure that your high-speed connection reaches your end device rather than being throttled by the router.

UK wide installation and maintenance

Our engineers are based throughout the UK, which means that they can reach you faster to get you up and running. They’ll also be on hand in the unlikely event that your need additional support or maintenance once the service has been installed.

Leased Lines

If your connectivity requirements are higher than broadband allows, Leased Lines provide a higher capacity connection service for both uploads and downloads. These will invariably be delivered over a specially deployed fibre connection and can be synchronous (identical upload and download speeds) making them perfect for those who frequently need to send large files or perform other bandwidth-intensive activities.

Online billing and support

We provide online billing and support portal which allows you to log in at any time to view your billing history and your usage information. You can also use these portals to update any payment details if you need to.

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