Business Phone Lines

The quality of your internet connection and your telephone calls depends heavily on the quality of your phone lines. A high-quality phone line will prevent any phone calls from dropping and ensure you receive the highest broadband speeds possible.

Business Phone Lines

ISDN lines

ISDN lines are now the most common lines throughout the UK. These high performance lines provide an extremely reliable data transfer and are available in most locations. There are two main types of ISDN Lines: ISDN 2E and ISDN30E. The main difference between the two is the amount of phone lines you will need; with the latter providing more than the former.

Fibre lines

You’ve no doubt heard quite a lot about Fibre or Fibre Optic lines over the past few years, as their deployment has gathered pace across the UK. Most locations will benefit from Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), which means that a high speed fibre optic cable has been deployed to the cabinet nearest you, allowing you to receive improved broadband speeds. If FTTC isn’t available you may be able to receive Fibre to the Premises, meaning the Fibre is connected right up to your location. Speak to us to find out which service you can receive.

Leased lines

If you need a higher capacity connection, then Leased Lines provide speeds which can range into the multiple Gigabits per second. These lines can also have matching upload and download speeds, making it far easier to transfer large files if you need to. Contact us to find out which Leased Lines services are available in your area.


Depending on the service you require, installation times can vary. ISDN and Fibre lines can be connected quickly, thanks to the fact the lines themselves are normally already installed. Leased Lines are your own private connection and will require a site survey to understand how long an installation will take.

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