Phone System Installation & Onboarding

Once you’ve placed the order for your new office phone system, you’ll be keen to know just how quickly and smoothly the system can be installed. Experienced HiHi engineers will be on hand to install and train you and your colleagues on all the great new features you’ll be using, meaning you will soon be a fully onboarded customer.

Phone System Installation & Onboarding

How long does an installation take?

You will have working phones sent to you within two weeks of signing up with Ripple. When the HiHi engineer is on-site, they will install your HiHi hardware and you will be able to make outbound and internal calls. The hardware installation day also includes training for you and your team where the engineer will show you how to use the great new features that you now have access to! Our innovative Onboarding process will see you through from beginning to end of your phone system installation, collecting the pieces of your ‘Onboarding Jigsaw’ along the way. The majority of installations will take between 2-3 months to complete, however, on occasion, this may be longer.

Who is installing the system?

Experienced HiHi engineers are based across the UK and they are responsible for both installing your new phone system and showing you how to use it to its full capabilities. All of the engineers are experts on the systems we use and have undergone thorough training.

What levels of support are available?

We have an office-based Support team at our HQ in Bournemouth, UK. They are on hand to answer your calls and offer video-based support should you need any assistance. The Support Portal can also be accessed 24/7, containing a large selection of guides, software download links, and details on how to get help out of hours. If a technical issue can’t be solved remotely and a site visit is required, a HiHi engineer can come to your premises to provide assistance.

Is there any downtime?

Downtime is minimal in most cases. The engineer will install your HiHi hardware which can be used to make internal and outbound calls on the very same day. If there is an exception to that rule, our team will consult with you to discuss the best way to minimise any disruption to your business.

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