Business Phones

Call Reporting provides you with a wealth of information to help you analyse and improve your company’s performance. It will allow you to see how long your sales team are on the phone, how long it takes you to answer calls and see where the call bottlenecks are in your organisation.

Business Phones

New HiHi2 system at little or no extra cost

A suite of helpful apps and software

24-hour UK wide support and maintenance


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User friendly interface

The most important aspect of any phone is its interface; you need something that’s quick and intuitive to use. HiHi has been designed with the user in mind, which is clear as soon as you see the device in action.

Your favourite contacts are visible on your home screen, as is your voicemail application which allows you to scroll through each individual element to allow you to capture the most important information.

Voice and video communication

HiHi is the UK’s premier video-enabled business phone, which means you can enjoy face-to-face communication with any other HiHi user. What’s more, with their HiHi There application, you can utilise video calling with suppliers and customers, even if they don’t have a HiHi themselves. If you are frequently away from your desk you can also utilise HiHi Connect which allows you to use your mobile as an extension of the HiHi system.

Access to the Google Playstore

HiHi2 gives users access to a range of apps and functionality which help you to stay in contact whether you are at work or home. As a Google certified device, you also have access to the Google Play Store, giving you the freedom to a range of third-party apps which you can download and have to help you wherever you are doing business.

Giving you the flexibility to work on the move

HiHi2 makes hot desking easy and accessible. All of your contacts and information are stored within the removable tablet, so if you wish to work from an alternative location, you can easily take your tablet, giving you access to your contacts when you need to make calls. This functionality makes its easier then ever to work from a variety of locations within your office, or even remote work from home.

Benefit your business. With no upfront cost.

You’ll receive a fantastic new telephone system for your business, including all your calls, lines and mobiles but without having to pay anything up front. What’s more, we’ll be supporting you from the UK.

VOiP phone systems

VOiP phone systems

Business improving software

Business improving software

Phone system support

Phone system support

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