Call Reporting

Call Reporting provides you with a wealth of information to help you analyse and improve your company’s performance. It will allow you to see how long your sales team are on the phone, how long it takes you to answer calls and see where the call bottlenecks are in your organisation. Read more to find out how Call Reporting can help your business.

Call Reporting

Missed call reports

Every business misses calls, most of which happen outside of your normal office hours. Do you know who was calling you and why? Missed call reports will show you the calls you missed, allowing you to return them to capitalise on any potential opportunity or provide a great impression if they are a customer calling in.

Understanding call flow

Call reports will also show you where your calls are going. This is particularly useful as it will show you bottlenecks, allowing you to add staff to that area or direct calls elsewhere to improve your customer service. It will also show how many customers are placed on hold, which will be helpful in establishing how to best use On-Hold Marketing.

On-Hold Marketing

Once you’ve understood how many people are being placed on hold and where they are calling from, you will be ideally placed to make a decision on your On-Hold Marketing. Perhaps there will be self-service tips you could play to your customers, or maybe your sales will be boosted by informing those placed on hold of your latest offers. It may simply be that you’d like to entertain your callers with music. On-Hold Marketing allows for all of these possibilities.

Campaign reporting

If your company runs marketing campaigns which use unique phone numbers, then Call Reporting will enable you to see which campaigns have had the most success. Equally, if you provide unique phone numbers for different departments, then Call Reporting will allow you to see which departments are receiving the most calls and identify peak times of day, which can help you make better staffing decisions.

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