Visual Voicemail

Voicemail has come a long way from the basic message-leaving service. With Visual Voicemail as standard on HiHi3, discover how to do more with this feature below.

Visual Voicemail

What’s new with voicemail?

HiHi3 contains its own voicemail app to give you an accessible place to manage your voicemails. You can now easily scroll through saved messages to hear back the important parts, especially as the messages are displayed as a soundwave. To manage your messages, simply swipe on the selected message to change its status.

E-mailing voice messages

It’s important to remain connected these days, which is why our voicemail service now includes the ability to automatically forward voicemails left on your desk phone to your e-mail address. This means you can then listen to the call from your mobile phone rather than having to wait to return to the office.

Call Forwarding

If you’d sooner offer your callers a more personal approach, then rather than having them leave a voicemail you can automatically forward calls to another person, either within your office or to a mobile.

Welcome messages

As part of any voicemail service, it’s important to get your welcome message right. These welcome messages come as standard with our voicemail package and we’ll help you to set them up so you always present a professional first impression to your customers.

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